36 MM Or 40 MM UK Rolex Day-Date Replica Watches, Which One Do You Prefer?

Many people ask that which one is better between the 36 mm and 40 mm classic Rolex Day-Date fake watches. It is difficult to answer this question for I think each one is good with their own advantages.

Rolex Day-Date is always been made from precious metal such as rose gold, gold or white gold.
White Dial Imitation Rolex Watch

36 mm version is classic which is a habit for decades. No matter from the visual effect or the psychological effect, 36 mm version Rolex copy watch with gold case has been favored by more watch lovers. The shape of the case of the two different versions has been enlarged with the same proportion and there’s little difference between the two models. However, the 36 mm model itself has experienced the tiny change too. This is the symbolic feature of Rolex.

Gold Rolex Day-Date has been favored by many watch lovers with its classic design.
Champagne Dials Fake Rolex Day-Date

Day-Date was born in 1956 and at that time 36 mm diameter was the standard size for men’s wristwatches. But with the development for several decades, 40 -42 mm become the main size of men wristwatches. Why more people support the 36 mm Day-Date? I think it is the weight. 36 mm knockoff watch with gold bracelet already weighs 174 grams while the 40 mm version weighs 200 grams. If you have thin wrists, such as heavy Day-Date may not be suitable for you.

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