Is Your AAA Wholesale Fake Rolex Watches UK A ‘Pepsi’ Or A ‘Batman’? It Makes All The Difference

IS YOUR 1:1 UK Rolex replica watches gaining or losing value? The colour of its bezel – the ring around the watch face – could be crucial.

The Bloomberg Subdial Watch Index shows two Swiss made Rolex fake watches are diverging in price on the secondary market, even though their only difference is the colour scheme.

Prices for the most recent version of the perfect replica Rolex GMT Master II watches with a red and blue ceramic bezel, nicknamed the ‘Pepsi’, rose 4.1 per cent to about US$21,000 over the past year, according to data from Subdial, a UK-based watch trading platform. At the same time, prices for what is known as the ‘Batman’ – essentially the same high quality Rolex copy watches but with a black and blue bezel – declined 10.1 per cent to about US$16,000.

Both best Rolex replica watches sell for the same price at retail – about US$10,700 – on the same steel Rolex Oyster bracelet.

The divergence shows how a model’s desirability and perceived scarcity can affect prices. Dealers, collectors and watch industry media have speculated that the Pepsi GMT could be discontinued this year amid talk of production challenges in making the red and blue bezel. It was not and the model continues to be in the wholesale fake Rolex watches catalogue.

With more than 10 billion Swiss francs (S$15 billion) in annual estimated sales, Geneva-based Rolex is the biggest Swiss watch brand, controlling about a third of the overall market for premium Swiss watches, according to estimates by banks including RBC and Morgan Stanley. Rolex does not disclose production figures for individual Rolex super clone watches for men or overall. Analysts estimate the brand makes about 1.2 million watches per year in total.

Rolex is building a new production facility in the Swiss canton of Fribourg scheduled to open in 2029 that will add capacity to its existing four domestic production facilities in Geneva and Biel.

The Pepsi, which was the original bezel colour when the GMT was first introduced in the 1950s, remains one of the most difficult Swiss movements Rolex replica watches to buy at retail from an authorised dealer. As with the Daytona chronograph, demand far outstrips supply, and clients can wait months or years before getting the call. Rolex introduced the Batman GMT in 2013.

The Pepsi’s 4.1 per cent gain in a year contrasts with a 5.7 per cent loss for an index of cheap replica Rolex watches prices compiled by Subdial.

The Bloomberg Subdial Watch Index, which tracks prices for the 50 most traded watch models by value on the secondary market, has fallen 8.7 per cent in a year. The index was virtually unchanged in May.

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