Swiss Made Replica Rolex Explorer Reference 6150 (1952-1953) UK Sale

Born for high-altitude Himalayan climbing, the Explorer arrived in 1953, the same year as the Submariner and the Turn-O-Graph. To say it was a major year for best quality replica Rolex UK, and for watches more broadly, would be an understatement. It shaped the watch company that Rolex would become, the sport segment as we know it, and the watch-collecting pyramid that Swiss made fake Rolex sits atop.

The cheap fake Rolex Explorer has come to embody what many see as the ideal “one nice watch” to own. Its simplicity and classic design allow it to go anywhere, not only far-off mountaintops. And the reference 1016 in particular, which spanned an incredible 29 years of production, from 1960 to 1989, stands as a true vintage hall-of-famer. With its subtle 36mm size, no-date simplicity, and crisp black dial – whether gilt or matte – it’s the sport Rolex replica for sale that doesn’t turn heads – the anti-hype Rolex, if you will. The “if you know, you know” Rolex.

The Reference 6150 is the immediate predecessor to the reference 6350, the watch that many collectors argue is the first high quality fake Rolex Explorer. Traits that will typify the Explorer through the years are already here. Produced from 1952 / 1953, the Reference 6150 has the same 36mm size we see through all of the rest of the 20th century and much of the 21st, up to and including today’s current Rolex Explorer replica watches online. The reference 6150 is similar to the 6098 and 6298.

While it features the 3-6-9 layout that would go on to be called the top Swiss copy Rolex Explorer dial, only some feature a line of text above six o’clock reading “Explorer.” The rest, and indeed the majority, say “Precision.” The example we see here is one of the former, and it also features a long hour hand. One thing you will notice is that there is no OCC text on the dial.

That’s because this best 1:1 fake Rolex is not a chronometer, further separating it from the rest of the Explorers. The fact it is not a chronometer and that not all of this reference say the word “Explorer” on the dial has meant that some collectors do not consider the UK AAA replica Rolex reference 6150 a true Explorer.

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