The modified Versions Of Popular UK Rolex Replica Watches

Rolex has never developed its products with complicated functions. But today I will share two distinctive fake Rolex watches which have been modified by the professional company.


The special Rolex has been modified by Label Noir.
Unique Rolex Imitation Watch

You will not believe that the all-black timepiece is belonging to Rolex when you see it. However, it is really modified on basis of the Milgauss. Rolex Milgauss copy watch with black dial has been equipped with the new movement which has been modified on basis of calibre 3131 by removing 51 parts, changing two pars and adding 94 components.

Perpetual Calendar

This complicated Rolex has been modified by Franck Muller.
Black Leather Strap Replica Rolex

The perpetual calendar Rolex version is very famous too. You may think it is a Patek Philippe at first sight. The knockoff watch with gold case was created by Franck Muller. He removed the original date components and added the complicated function of perpetual calendar, giving it to his friend as present.

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