UK Fake Rolex Watches Made in the Four Rolex Sites

The history of UK Rolex replica and Swiss watchmaking are closely linked. Pioneer in the development of the watch, Rolex is at the origin of lots of major watchmaking innovations, and has registered over 400 patents in the course of its history. And the Switzerland is the crucible where Rolex watches are brought to life owing to the know-how and commitment of more than 6,000 employees at the brand’s four sites, all at the cutting edge of watchmaking technology.

  • Geneva Acacias

As the Rolex world headquarters, the Geneva Acacias is home to management, research and development, design, communication activities, sales and after-sales service. It is also where the final assembly of the Rolex copy watches UK from components delivered by the three other sites and final quality control of the finished watches take place.UK Fake Rolex Watches Made in the Four Rolex Sites

  • Geneva Plan-les-ouates

The Plan-les-Ouates site brings together all the development and production activities for watch cases and bracelets, from the casting of the gold and forming of the raw materials to the machining and polishing of finished components. Composed of six wings linked by a central axis, it is the largest of the Rolex sites. It is home for the foundry where Rolex creates the 18 ct gold alloys used for its watches – yellow gold, white gold and Everose gold, an exclusive pink gold alloy developed by Rolex.

UK Fake Rolex Watches Made in the Four Rolex Sites 2

  • Bienne

The Bienne site is the production facility for the movements of Rolex watches. More than 2,000 people are engaged in the manufacture and assembly of the hundreds of components comprising a Rolex movement. The components, often tiny and of complex geometry, are manufactured with a precision of the order of a few microns. Such rigorous execution allows 100 percent of Rolex movements to meet the accuracy criteria of the COSC. The assembly and regulating of the movements are carried out entirely by hand, by highly skilled operators and watchmakers.

UK Fake Rolex Watches Made in the Four Rolex Sites-

  • Geneva Chêne-Bourg

The Chêne-Bourg site houses the development and manufacture of the dials, as well as the gemmology and gem-setting activities. Here the faces of fake Rolex shop watches UK take shape thanks to a magical combination of high technology and the dial makers’ command of traditional know-how.

UK Fake Rolex Watches Made in the Four Rolex Sites 4

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