UK Vintage Rolex GMT-Master Replica Watches With Matte Dials

Right around 1966 case production, we see the first matte dial 1675s. We’ll witness an evolution in these dials from the earliest version, the retroactively named Mark 0, to the final 1675s produced. Matte dial UK Swiss made fake Rolex 1675s account for some 14 years of GMT production, and in fact, matte dials continued into the earliest version of the reference 16750, which will ultimately retire the 1675.

Reference 1675 (Mark 0.5, Small Triangle GMT Hand): 1966-67
Mark 0 dials have only recently been discovered and named as such by the collector community. The Mark 0 matte 1675s have similar text and graphic style of the previous gilt models and are exceedingly rare. This perfect fake Rolex UK is something in between the Mark 0 and the Mark 1 (and was previously known as a Mark 0 before the identification of that earlier dial, showing that scholarship constantly evolves in the aaa quality replica Rolex collector community). Judging from the Long E on the dial, you’d perhaps think it was a Mark 1.

As this Swiss movement replica Rolex is somewhere in the middle of a Mark 0 and a Mark 1, it’s basically a transitional transitional. Some Mark 0s have the older 1565 caliber, but by the time we get to the Mark 1, the movement inside will be the 19,800 vph cal. 1575, which is the caliber associated with the matte dial era.
Reference 1675 (Mark 1 Long E): 1967-72

Ok, now we see the aforementioned Mark 1, a watch whose name would reasonably lead you to think that it was the first of the matte dials, but it’s not. The Mark 1, also known as the Long E, was regarded as the earliest matte dial Rolex GMT-Master replica for sale by the collector community until the Mark 0, which combines a matte dial with the small 24-hour hand from the gilt era, was recognized.

Its moniker comes from a characteristic of the “E” in cheap super clone Rolex UK on its dial. The middle bar of the letter is longer than the middle bars of this letter found on other models in this reference. Another distinguishing characteristic that one should expect to find on a Mark 1 is that the tines on the coronet are fairly thin. With the high quality fake Rolex GMT-Master Mark 1, we’re firmly in matte dial territory, and we would not expect to see carryovers from the gilt dial era.

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